Rebuilder Christmas EP

by Rebuilder

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We at Refuse Rethink Rebuild would like to thank you for all of your support. This has been a great year for Rebuilder, and we wanted to finish it off by writing a few Christmas songs for you to enjoy.


released December 14, 2013

©℗ Refuse Rethink Rebuild Music 2013 - Tracks 1 & 2 recorded, mixed, and mastered by richard marr at galaxy park.
Tracks 3 & 4 recorded by patrick hanlin, mixed and mastered by Craig stanton and Richard Marr
all songs written and produced by rebuilder




Rebuilder Boston, Massachusetts

Rebuilder is a gnarly band from Boston.


  • Oct 30
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: Antarctica
It hadn't snowed in a while
So I went to Antarctica 
Close to the South Pole 
I saw an Avalanche

The Pensacola is breaking 
It reminds of my home
When Christmas makes these streets so empty
I'm shaking from the cold

Working this time of year 
I feel so dead inside
Celebrating careers
And how much you can buy

I stare at the ceiling 
In my makeshift cabin home
And then I start screaming 
This comforting woe 

woe-ho-oh woe-oh woe-oh-ho
I'm coming home
If it ever stops snowing I'm coming home 

My heartbeat is racing 
I just wanna go home
My heartbeat is racing
I just wanna go home
There's a Christmas tree in there waiting for me
This city smells like piss but I can deal with it
I'm gonna stay inside I can't shovel tonight
Your dad is Santa Claus
Let's ruin the surprise

Outside my window
There's no one around
Outside my window 
Snow covered ground

Outside my window
There's no one around
Outside my window
I hear the carol sound
Track Name: X-Mas PunX
x-mas punx
Christmas Punks! Christmas Punks!
Putting Santa tattoos on passed out drunks
puking eggnog all over your chucks
Chopping down tress not giving a fuck
My Favorite reindeer is Donner

I'm working 3rd shift at Blanchards on X-mas
I won't  get a check
Cuz fuck the government
I think someone stole my bike
At the sil on Friday night
So walked all the way home screaming where's my bike
Christmas Punks! Christmas Punks!
Laying in the gutter eating trash
Drinking all the wine at Christmas mass

I think Santa is pretty cool
Cuz he wears doc martins too
His DIY friends 
Put out my 7 inch

Allston Xmas 
When you wrap up all your shit
Get really fucked up
Forget you ever owned this stuff
Hey, I got a bike!
Track Name: Exhaustion (acoustic)
Oh exhaustion
You ruin everything
Back to work and its all the same
I wake up
Wish I was somewhere else
Wish I was someone else
We're all to blame.

It's all that we know

I'm ashamed of the things we save drive-thru stations and tv screens
I'm ashamed of the things we save decaf coffee and tv screens
The Kids don't know their abc's
SSD and Dag Nasty
I don't think there's something wrong with me
Cuz I don't want the things in life that other people think they really need.

We never really listen to what they say

We make up our own rules, we make our own lives
not asking for questions, just asking for rights
Track Name: When I Grow Up (acoustic)
When i grow up
It gets easier
It gets easier everyday
so they say
I'm gone and I can't seem to find my way

I'm a goddamn mess
I can't sleep and all this stress
Makes me sick
I just want to be alright 
Stop thinking about trying to end my life

the only that will save you is the heart that’s in yourself
the only thing that will save you is heart
the only thing that will save you is yourself

When I grow up
I want to lose my job 
Pay my rent in promises
Sleeping in parking lots

I’ll never feel like I fit in 
The stars at night are my best friends
And if I'm a constellation then ill burn myself within
All I want is a reason 
A reason to stay alive

These nights aren't easy
Aren't easy to get by
If I fall to pieces 
I’ll fall a million times
Please stay by my side 

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